Fixing Alumaflex Insulation Demonstration

alumaflex is easy to install, handle and fix whether you're applying it to walls or roofs, lofts and barn conversions (above and below the rafter). Take a look at our Fixing Insulation Demonstration video below or download and print our instructions sheets and in a few minutes you'll know all you need to start fitting alumaflex on your project, whether it be on site or a small DIY insulation job. By using our simple fixing instructions you will know how to insulate your structure without professional contractors.

installing insulation

alumaflex© Insulation Video

alumaflex© can be fitted above or below the rafter.

alumaflex© Products Used

alumaflex© multi-foil insulation

fixing insulation

Ballytherm PIR board

insulation videos

alumaflex© tape 45m long x 75mm wide

how to insulate

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diy insulation

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how to insulation

Wall Fixing

Step 1

how to put in insulation

Staple alumaflex vertically to the studwork.

Step 2

how to insulate your loft

Overlap alumaflex by 100mm and use alumaflex tape on the sidelaps.

Step 3

how to install roll insulation

Fix 25mm battens on top of the alumaflex followed by the plasterboard finish.

Roof Fixing

Step 1

homes insulation

Staple alumaflex to the underside of the rafter.

Step 2

foil insulation installation

Overlap alumaflex by 100mm and tape the laps.

Step 3

how to insulate your roof

Fix 25mm battens on top of the alumaflex followed by the plasterboard finish.

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